Real Estate Property Values – Ranked High

Rob Norquist, a real estate agent admits that Newport Beach is as active as it used to be, with some good record sales. He also agrees with the fact that a property, should never be considered deprecated, and as a seller, you should never give up and use the low end price. It is true that, during a certain period of time, depending on the real estate market, client’s desire, real estate auctions, there may be moments when a property’s price drops, but not forever.

Other cities such as, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine or Mission Viejo – are considered among other 25 cities as being the ones with the best real estate property values, with average values of $680,000 and more. The national average value in 2007 was $194,300.

However, some property values are based on subjective answers from residents living in a certain home, so the given numbers , and real estate evaluation may be hanging on a wishful thinking instead of a real appreciation . This is where real estate auctions come in picture, to inform potential clients about the property, and the investment possibilities, giving them a clear image of the real estate’s worth.

Even though some buildings such as Orange County properties , dropped their values in 2007, but they recovered extremely well after. So this is another reason why as a seller, you should never fear if you observe a temporally value drop, because it is normal from time to time.

For instance, about 81% owners, sellers, agents, trusted in 2007 that their estate property values were over $1 million, against 75% in 2006. So things are for the best and it would appear that most of estate agents have finally understood what this business is really about. It takes a lot of patience and ability to maintain your property’s value among top ones on real estate market.

But Norquist, trusts that many Newport Beach arguments are near the mark, sustaining that this city has survived the “housing slump” better than other locations. However, the unexpected surprise attacked more on sales, which he admits that they are on a falling edge right now, but there is still hope for better times.

Newport Beach is very well known for its highest-valued real estate properties in the U.S., being a perfect place for real estate business . It’s location and proximity to the water, and the beach front view increase it’s real estate value considerably. Auctions in this area are very interesting and those who are interested in real estate business domain should never miss them. You can learn a lot on such events.

Experienced real estate agents or even friends will surely advise you that as a buyer you are very likely to come across many real estate properties in foreclosure having perhaps no equity,being over priced . In such moments, lenders sometimes choose to accept a smaller amount than the initial.So you get in the negotiations process. As a hint, when you realize the over pricing phenomenon, you have to understand that this happens when the real estate agent , or seller is aware of the real estate property’s value, and he tries his luck in a raising price. So watch out! The negotiation can become a difficult process especially when reasonable terms are not agreed by both sides: owner and buyer. Negotiations can occur privately or in public, where real estate auctions come in the picture. Of course, a real estate auction is safer and more trustful than a private one. Private negotiations occur especially when the agent is a close friend or relative to buyer’s, and because of the friendly environment some details regarding even the real estate transaction may be skipped. So in situations like this be careful.

Even as a friend, for a real estate agent , money comes first, and friendship after. Of course, during such a negotiation, there can be all sort of problems, such as mortgage value, real estate market, all sort of official formalities, conflict of interests in a particular area etc. Moreover, time a very important issue when real estate auctions are involved. As a general rule, and as an advise for a potential buyer, negotiation process should not be extended on a long period of time, because, as I said before, in time, real estate properties drop their values, and the client’s interest together with it. In this case, not only does the buyer loose, but the real estate agency as well. Why?Because if a property’s value drops, the price must drop as well, if you ever want to sell it again. In this case the under priced phenomenon appears. This is why short sales are preferred. Many Realtors, and clients started using this strategy, because they faced the problem regarding their property’s value.So they decided the selling process should not take too long.

Another important issue refers to the well known “acceleration clause” , which is an official word met in any mortgage document, meaning that the lender, after the real estate property is sold, can demand the payment of the remaining balance for the loan. Realtors can provide more information about this contractual right. If this clause is good or bad for a real estate transaction, it is hard to say, because it has its advantages and disadvantages. Buying a real estate property which has already a mortgage loan represents a pretty raised risk. Why? Because first of all, if the mortgage loan was contracted for many years, depending on the interest’s rate, and marketplace evolution, you may come to pay the house’s price 3 times more. However, if you have experience in monitoring the market place, and find a right moment when every interest’s value drops, you could go for it. It’s kind of a gambling in this business, and Realtors, or individual real estate agents know it best.

Realtors and real estate agents are here on the real estate market, to help clients understand how they can value their houses, what should they look for when trying to sell or buy a house, how to negotiate, and how to win a real estate transaction. Some may say that buying or selling a real estate property is easy, but the fact is that pricing a house is a very difficult process. Many real estate agents, brokers, have suffered many defeats before their first good business, so do not expect their job to be an easy one.

Unfortunately, a concerning price and sales gains of these past years have determined in many cases quitting the real estate business. Many real estate agents who have seen the future preferred to do something else than real estate business. The credit market is also in a critical position, as many Realtors have observed. Mortgage values are also a result of real estate market position right now. Real estate investors have diminished their participation number to real estate auctions, as a sign they have seen it too.

How To Meet Your Behavioral Goals To Make Yourself A Better Person

There’s an intriguing study that demonstrates that there might be a trick to meeting our behavioral goals more promptly. The mystery? Consider yourself in the third person as you measure your progress.

The study evaluated the progress in 2 groups of individuals who were attempting to make a favorable change in their lives. The individuals who took part in this study were separated into 2 groups. One group was encouraged to imagine in the first person. The 2nd group was encouraged to consider their progress from an outsider’s viewpoint.

Interestingly, the participants who thought of themselves from an outsider’s position enjoyed a quicker path to betterment.

As you carry out the process of bettering your self-image and increasing your self-confidence, attempt to consider yourself as a separate individual. See yourself as a stranger who is on a path towards favorable change. Make sure to observe this individual’s achievements!

Psychologists asked participants in a study to picture a certain event from their lives either out a first-person or third-person view. The volunteers then measured how much they believed they had changed since the event had happened.

For instance, in one study thirty-eight university students who had been in psychotherapy were expected either to remember their first appointment through their own eyes (1st person) or “from an observer’s visual position” (3rd person). Those who remembered their appointment from a 3rd -person position reported that they had made significantly more advancement in treatment than did those who took a 1st -person position.

The investigators likewise discovered that memory perspective may impact behavior. They recruited university students who stated they had been socially clumsy in high school and expected them to visualize an affair of their social clumsiness either from a 1st- or 3rd -person position. Not only were those who recollected their clumsiness from a 3rd -person view more likely to state they had changed, but they likewise were more likely to be more socially proficient — originating conversations, for instance — just after the experiment when they didn’t know they were being watched.

Once participants remembered past clumsiness from a 3rd -person view, they felt they had changed and were now more socially skilled. That led them to act more sociably and look more socially skilled to the research helper.

A 3rd -person position accents perceived alterations when individuals seeking self-improvement are centered on differences between their present and past egos. But once the volunteers were asked to center on similarities from the past times by envisioning a past event that was favorable, like something they were pleased with, the 3rd -person position tended to raise perceptions of continuity between the here and now and a favorable past self.

Put differently, remembering memories from a 3rd -person position gives rise to judgments of higher self-change when individuals are inclined to seek evidence of change, but lesser self-change when they’re inclined to seek similarities of the past or grounds of continuity.

The research indicates that the saying, “It hinges upon how you view it,” has literal fact when it comes to measuring personal change.

Hold in mind that altering our behavior is an essential step to bettering self-esteem. If we wish respect, we need to communicate to other people that we’re worthy of regard. We need to accept responsibility for our own level of self-regard. Blaming other people for the past won’t get you the self-esteem you wish in the here and now. Center on what you want, be aware of your self-talk, be determined to make the essential changes and treat yourself with value.

HGH For Energy and Endurance

The use of Human Growth Hormone or HGH for energy and endurance is controversial and hotly debated. Though it is approved for use in the treatment of a limited number of medical conditions, the FDA stipulates that it is illegal to distribute HGH products for anti-aging, bodybuilding, or athletic enhancement.

What It Is

HGH is a natural peptide hormone that plays a crucial role in the manufacture and repair of cell tissue.

Where It Comes From

The body produces HGH in the pituitary gland. Normally healthy people produce sufficient HGH but it is believed that the body’s ability to manufacture HGH declines with age.

For many decades HGH for medical treatment was only available as extracted from cadavers, which necessarily limited its use. However several forms of HGH are currently available. It can be produced through recombinant DNA technology, and since 1985 biosynthetic forms of HGH have been approved for use. In addition, there are a number of products on the market branded as HGH “releasers”, substances which theoretically stimulate the body’s production of the hormone.

What It Does

The primary function of HGH is the stimulation of growth and cell reproduction, regeneration, and repair. It promotes protein synthesis, increases muscle mass, and stimulates the growth of internal organs. HGH is also known to increase calcium retention, which has a positive impact on bone strength, and to enhance immune system function.

HGH supplements are used to treat conditions that result in short stature, growth failure, and delayed sexual maturity. These conditions include chronic renal failure, Turner Syndrome, and a deficiency of the hormone itself. It is also an accepted and clinically-proven treatment in building and maintaining muscle mass due to wasting diseases such as AIDS and Prader-Willi syndrome.

Research on the use of HGH for a variety of other conditions, including multiple sclerosis, obesity, fibromyalgia, heart disease, colitis, and Chron’s disease is ongoing. It is also viewed by some as a potential anti-aging agent. Though some studies have shown encouraging potential, the results remain inconclusive and the use of the hormone for non-growth-related conditions is controversial.

For almost 40 years HGH has been used to improve athletic performance in many sports. However its use is banned as doping by many organizations, including the IOC and the NCAA.

How It Works To Enhance Energy and Endurance

  • HGH produces an anabolic or building effect on body tissues, including muscle tissue and internal organs. HGH proponents say that this can effectively increase strength, flexibility, endurance, and tissue resilience in healthy individuals.
  • HGH is considered by many to be an important anti-aging tool because of its ability to repair and regenerate tissue. Research on the use of HGH in elderly men has indicated that groups taking HGH supplements showed a halt in age-related loss of bone density and a clinically significant increase in muscle mass. Additional benefits from HGH, including increased energy, endurance, and sexual function, have also been reported but remain clinically undocumented.

Dosage, Dangers, Contraindications, And Side Effects

There are a number of potential dangers and side effects from excess amounts of HGH, including pituitary atrophy, tumors, and acromegaly (thickening and enlargement of bones in the jaw and fingers). Joint pain and swelling, sleep problems, and an increased risk of diabetes have also been associated with HGH usage.

HGH should not be used by diabetics, pregnant or lactating women, cancer patients, or children whose bone growth has not completed.

Book Template Can Save You Tons of Time

Whether you are a first time author or preparing for your umpteenth book project starting with the best book format can save you tons of time. The wrong format or creating an inadequate layout can cost you big time in money, delays, and dealing with constant formatting issues. The answer is to choose a professional book template.

Book Template Considerations and Choices

With all the options and requirements, getting your book layout right from the beginning is imperative. There are a myriad of variables and a host of confusing information when it comes to book layout and formatting. Your book needs headers and footers, page numbering, heading fonts and sizes, text fonts and sizes, page sizes, gutter positions, page breaks, offset pages, page margins, titles, lists, and paragraph formatting and much more.

On top of all that there are placement decisions for testimonials, endorsements, quotations, illustrations and the specific pages for books. You also need specific pages required for a book such as a cover page, title page, copyright page, dedication page, acknowledgment page, epigraph, testimonials, chapter heading pages, order page, about the author page and so on. Your book might also require a table of contents, glossary, index and appendix.

Using a basic word document and then attempting to set up all this for a book can take hours to days. Even after all your painstaking time your format might still not be right. Formatting mistakes in the beginning only multiply and can cost you greatly later in the form of more work, money, time, and delays of contractors, outsourcing, web development, market timing, and marketing and publishing deadlines.

A professional book template can solve all these issues for you. Starting your project with the right book template can save you headaches and loads of time. Instead of tearing your hair out over formatting issues you can spend your time writing or planning marketing strategies. The right book templates can help you produce a professional book every time.

Book Template: Printed Book or eBook

There are a few considerations when you choose a book template. One consideration is whether your book be a printed book or eBook? An eBook can come in a variety of file formats such as.PDF,.EPUB,.MOBI, Kindle, iBook formats and much more. Then there is the subject of eBook security. You need to find out if the formats you choose support the level of security you desire.

If you are creating a book that will be printed you need to know the size of your finished book. There are several standard sizes including paperback, trade, letter or one of a myriad of other sizes. In addition there are specific requirements for the type of binding and printing you choose. You will also need to decide how many books you want in your first print run. A small quantity (under 500) can work well for a vanity press or print on demand service. However if you want larger quantities you will need to seek out book printers for quotes. Price breaks usually begin at about 2500 books. The cost per book is often as little as ten per cent that of a print on demand service.

Try Writing an Email to Someone in the 1700s Writing Style – They Won’t Know What to Make of It

Creative Writing is not as easy as it looks. Many people like to read historical fiction novels and read letters that one character writes to another. Indeed, in the old days, folks write a lot different than they do today. Can you even imagine writing a letter to someone in the style of writing used in the 1600s or 1700s? Well, maybe you might have a go of it and see what you come up with.

For instance, just so you get a little taste of the style to refresh your memory, below is a creative writing practice letter to a creative writing coach.


Baroness of Barbuda,

I sincerely hope this letter finds you well and do hope it meets its destiny, as there are far too many ships lost this time of year due to the frightful Hurricane Season. I find it unfortunate that you hath reduced me to no more than a rich guy, merely because our family founded the first colonies. I dare say you are wonderfully blessed by God to have the benefits of news, as it rarely finds its way to the North. We have magnificent wild turkey here, however no chickens, such a delicacy one can only dream for.


Perhaps by the grace of God we may soon have such pleasures of the plate. Indeed, there will be a trading vessel coming by next season here and our last corn harvest was good for this time of the year. Could I be so bold as to suggest that you have the local natives messenger your writings to the editors of news, as your time is valuable and you must attend to more pressing matters of running your Kingdom.

With the grace of God, I bid you a warm farewell,

Sir Lance-a-Lot of Articles


— — — — —


As you can see it’s not easy to weave a letter of this type into a fictional historical story, but that is not to say it cannot be done. Would one consider this a good try? Hmm? Well, it’s okay, it’s a start, you see,


I am attempting to write a little historical fiction here, as it seems creative writing is not my forte, well unless it is Sci Fi. So, I figure I better get some practice?

Can an online article writer write fiction as well as articles for article marketing, even if most of what they write is non-fiction? Some say that writing is writing and once you can write well, you can then work on your creativity aspect. In my case, most everything I write is non-fiction:

Futurists Concepts




Op Ed





So, if I am going to write historical fiction, well I am going to need a coach and start talking to an eminent achiever creative writing genius. Now you might want to know what advice I would give to you in writing historical fiction, I would say the best way to get the hang of the era is to read actual writing from the exact period in which you will be creating your scene and characters in.


Soon you will notice how flowery the personal letters were back in the day? It’s like everyone who was anyone back then could write well, today folks only do text messaging. It is really interesting to read the collection of letters, papers, documents that led us to the present day, amazing actually. Once you do a little studying on the particular era, then you can begin practicing and getting a feel for it. It’s not easy, but it may not be as difficult as you think.

Submitting Your Site To Search Engines

The submission process is merely telling that search engine that a site exists and has nothing to do with rankings that in the search results.

The process of submission is a lot different from Search Engine Optimization.

Before you submit the sites make sure that site is ready for submissions:

· Complete all the pages. Leave no “under construction” sign.

· Validate all the links.

· Complete the Search Engine Optimization.

· Test the page compatibility with all search engines.

· Use Robots.txt or Robots META Tags to prevent pages you want hidden from being indexed.

· If your site is an e-commerce site, test your ordering process or shopping cart for bugs.

· Google “web site usability” should be used to test usability.

Prepare a Text File/Spreadsheet:

This will help you while submitting the site. It is to keep all required info in one place.

Write the following in the file/spreadsheet:

· Your website’s main URL

· The URLs for other pages on your site

· Your site’s Title (the name of your site as you want it listed in engines)

· A short description of your page/site content (Around 20 words)

· A long description of your page/site content (Just 40 words)

· A list of target keywords for your page/site

· Name of person doing the submissions

· Email address of above person

· Address and contact details of your company (some directories may ask for this)

If you are using a spreadsheet you can also use a date/remarks column to keep track of the key points of submitting the site.

Steps to submit the site:

First check if the pages you wish to submit are already indexed or not? If they are there is no good reason to do so again and again. Different engines follow different ways to submit the site.

Site Submission at Yahoo:

Yahoo is basically a directory of websites. It takes around two to six weeks to get listed in Yahoo. Yahoo has different categories where in some are free while some are paid. The paid ones are priced at $299.If you find your desired category as free Bingo!! Just go ahead and do the submissions. Else you may need to buy it.

In case you have made a wrong submission the Human Editors will modify or edit it.

Submitting to Google:

Google is not only the number one search engine on the net but also the best in crawling through all the websites on the web. Currently it crawls through almost 4 billion websites adding to its already huge database. If you are not sure whether your site is indexed or nor just type in your URL and search. It takes almost 60 days for Google to index or re index the pages and add to its database.

Currently there is no Pay per Inclusion programme present for the site submission.

Submitting to Global Business Listing:

A Pay Per inclusion search engine, Global business Listing, it is rather very economical and may help you place your site amongst the very first results in Google also.

Currently numbered four in the Google listings for Food Growers, Luxury Car Dealers and Pharmaceutical Industry Manufacturers, it is a reliable way t o get better listings.

With a listing it also offers discounted web hosting service as apart of the package.

Also come to links to your website thereby improving the page rank of the site.

Submitting to Alta Vista:

Now the paid submissions are faster then the free ones for this Search Engine.

They require typing some graphical numbers and characters while submission top avoid the automatic submission engines from cluttering the database. It usually takes 2- 4 weeks to finally index the site.

The submission process can be free and paid also. The paid one is faster then the free one. To start the paid one, one needs to fix a budget that will be spent on the whole process.

To start with, get the Yahoo listings by paying an annual membership. This will get you a placement in the Yahoo’s human-compiled directory.

After submissions, just concentrate on the content of site ands wait for at least 60 days. As they say all the good things to those who wait, you will discover joys of getting good placement in the rankings, after this time only.

Useless Murmuring And Sandy Hook Elementary School

Why this tumult among nations,

among peoples this useless murmuring?

They arise, the kings of the earth,

princes plot against the Lord and his Annointed.

These are the first 4 lines of psalm 2, words I am sure I’ve read before but only today, on this first Sunday of Advent, do they echo in my mind and my heart, shadowing me with sorrow and helplessness at the plight of our tumult filled world, the dreary and endless litanies of war, violence and hatred. The useless murmuring of so many voices ceaselessly preaching anger, fear and hopelessness.

There was a time, not so long ago, when I knew nothing of this season of Advent… and Christmas was simply another time filled with way too much to do: parties to attend, gifts to purchase, decorations to unpack and display: in celebration of something I knew nothing about.

Jennifer Hubbard is the mother of one of the children killed last December 14th at Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut. Her little girl was named Catherine Violet, the smiling and beautiful red haired 6 year old we saw pictured among all the others killed on that tragic day. A parishioner at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Jenny offered to speak to a gathering of the grade school parents a month after the shooting.

When asked how she could summon the courage to do this, Jenny answered that, “There is a Presence that is so much better than ourselves that we have to acknowledge it.”

In her talk to those parents, Jenny ended with these words… “I know that God has a specific purpose for us, and while I may not understand right now how I will muster the strength to fulfill his purpose, I must remain centered on his face… I pray that we find comfort and solace knowing that God loves each one of us and will wrap each one of us in his arms when the days become too much. I pray that the world returns to their faith.”


Common type of amulet, seal or ring bezel found in Egypt, Nubia and Syria from the 6th Dynasty until the Ptolemaic Period (2345-30 BC). The earliest were purely amuletic and uninscribed: it was only during the Middle Kingdom (2055-1650 BC) that they were used as seals. The scarab seal is so called because it was made in the shape of the sacred scarab beetle (scarabaeus sacer), which was personified by Khepri, a sun god associated with resurrection. The flat underside of the scarab, carved in stone or molded in faience or glass, was usually decorated with designs or inscriptions, sometimes incorporating a royal name. Scarabs, however, have proven to be an unreliable means of dating archaeological contexts since the royal name is often that of a long dead ruler; Menkheperra, the prename of Thutmose III (1479-1425 BC), being a particularly common example.

During the reign of Amenhotep III (1390-1352 BC), a series of unusually large scarabs were produced to celebrate certain events or aspects of Amenhotep’s reign, from the hunting of bulls and lions to the listing of the titles of Queen Tiy. There were also a number of funerary types of scarabs such as the large winged scarab, virtually always made of blue faience and incorporated into the bead nets covering mummies, and the heart scarab, usually inscribed with Chapter 30B of the Book of the Dead which was included in burials from at least the 13th Dynasty (1795-1650 BC) onwards.

The term scaraboid is used to describe a seal or amulet, which has the same ovoid shape as a scarab but may have its back carved in the form of some creature other than the scarab beetle. This appears to have developed out of the practice of carving two-dimensional animal forms on the flat underside of the scarab, which is known as early as the First Intermediate Period (2181-2055 BC).

Finely carved scarabs were used as seals; inscribed scarabs were issued to commemorate important events or buried with mummies. Lapis: Metamorphosed form of limestone, rich in the blue mineral lazulite, a complex feldspathoid that is dark blue in color and often flecked with impurities of calcite, iron pyrites or gold. The Egyptian considered that its appearance imitated that of the heavens and considered it to be superior to all materials other than gold and silver. They used it extensively in jewelry until the Late Period (747-332 BC) when it was particularly popular for amulets. It was frequently described as “true” Khesbed to distinguish it from imitations made in faience or glass. Its primary use was as inlay in jewelry and carved beads for necklaces.

What is a Comparative Market Analysis

The most common way a home is given an approximate value is a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Most real estate agents will do a CMA as a free service for any prospective client. The CMA is determined by pulling comparable properties in your general area that have sold in the past 4-6 months. The properties are assessed for selling price, time on the market, improvements, square footage, and other variations that are then used to give an approximate value of your home. Because real estate markets change rapidly, a CMA can be out of date in a few months in some markets. It is always important to have a current CMA when considering the sell of your home.

CMAs, while based on data, are still very subjective. When looking at comparable properties it may be hard to account for things such as curb appeal, desirability of the home’s architectural style, etc. This is where the agent’s experience can help you. It is VITAL that you first find a good agent, and second, that you take their advice when they give you an estimated value on your home. Agents are not emotionally or personally attached to your home. You, as the owner and occupier of the home for years, are most certainly! If you watched your kids grow up in the home, celebrated birthdays there, had family gatherings, and painted the walls bird-egg blue 10 years ago, you definitely have value in this home that cannot be expressed in dollars. That value, while priceless to you, has no worth to a prospective buyer. That is why YOU should never attempt to price your own home. Let someone who has no attachment to your property take on this task. That is, unless you want the home to sit and languish on the market for much longer than necessary.

Soccer Girls – 5 Reasons Muscle Building is Important For Female Soccer Players

Let us get one thing straight. Improving overall strength and power is equally important for female footballers as it is for males. And yes building muscle can be done with out building “bulk.” So if you are a female soccer player or parent or coach of one, sit back and relax while you read this information.

There has been a gradual trend towards female soccer players doing more than just going to practice and then showing up to play games. In this day age with the opportunity to play an age up, at a higher level or even to secure a University scholarship, soccer skills alone just does not cut it. You must have strength, power and speed!

Now there is tendency for soccer coaches to lean towards a more athletic player. So let us take a closer look at why muscle building is important for female soccer players.

1. Size: An increase in muscle size allows the body to absorb more pounding in the game. This is not to be confused with building bulk. Female soccer players need to build some muscle size as a foundation to build strength. This will also help to create “tone” and give her an athletic look while avoiding the “body builder” physique.

2. Strength: Any muscle building program will create strength. This occurs in the muscles, tendon and bone. This also decreases the opportunity for osteoporosis later in life because of the adaptation bone makes in a well thought out strength training program.

This occurs naturally

3. Burn Fat: One of the benefits to building muscle is fat loss. A female soccer layer, no different than a male soccer player who carries excess weight in the form of fat tend to get tired quicker, are slower on the filed and get injured more often. Shedding even five pounds of fat can make a significant difference on the soccer field.

4. Confidence: A strong female soccer player carries a bit of a swagger or quiet confidence about her. Females that I have trained for strength in girls’ soccer tend to be more aggressive on the soccer field because they “know” they have the strength to perform.

5. Recovery: building muscle allows for quicker recovery time from workouts, training and games. This is a natural progression from building muscle for size and strength.

This is something to consider for girls soccer for those female soccer players who are looking to take it to the next level in their soccer playing career.

In conclusion female soccer players who focus on muscle building as part of their soccer training benefit from increase muscle size, development of strength, burn body fat, improve self confidence / self esteem and recover quicker form workouts.